About Us

Avcogas Propane Sales and Services is an independent, family owned and operated business, specializing in the sale of propane, accessories and equipment. We are a certified "Minority / Disadvantaged Owned Business Enterprise" (mbe/dbe), Certified Small Business, and have been in business over 13 years. Today we employ over 25 employees.

Avcogas Propane Sales and Services is a full–service wholesale/retail propane dealer, serving industrial, commercial customers of all sizes throughout the Southern California region. Our services include HD–5 grade propane deliveries of all sizes from 5 gallon to 9000 gallon transport loads. Avcogas owns its own transport trucks and does business directly with all Los Angeles area refineries.

Avcogas provides 24 hour emergency service.
Our toll-free emergency number guarantees 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year service.